Used Bottling Lines and Machinery

Elitekno is a company operating in the sector of used bottling lines. Since many years its team of experts takes care of every single step of the process: from the search of the machinery to its restoration and sale.

The used bottling machinery sector allows small and medium enterprises to broaden their bottling lines in a cheap and fast way, so that to implement new machinery and manage larger orders. On the other hand, bigger companies may add whole new lines without excessive investments.

All our machines are tested and certified, thus allowing our customers to benefit from the best quality.

Our second hand bottling machines are suitable for a wide range of sectors: wine production, water and soft drinks, oil bottling and many more. Should you not find what you are looking for, just ask: we will find the best solution for you.

Find the used bottling machine you need!

Used Labeller

A Used Labeller applies labels on bottles and flasks.


Used Bag In Box Equipment

A Used Bag in Box Equipment is a machine placing the product into a plastic bag and then into a carton box.


Used Capsuling Machine

After being filled and capped, bottles and flasks are capsuled by Used Capsuling Machine


Useed Box-Closing Machine

A Used Box Closing Machine putting bottles and flasks into an American-style carton box and then closing it.


Used Depalettizer

A Used Depalletizer takes bottles from pallets and places them onto the bottling line.


Used Shrink Wrapper

A Used Shrink Wrapper groups bottles and packs them with heat-shrink wrapping film.


Used Carton-Forming Machine

A Used Carton-Forming Machine creates American-style carton boxes.


Used Wirehooder

A Used Wirehooder places and ties up wire hoods on sparkling wine bottles.


Used Tetrapak System

A Used Tetrapak System is a plant producing and filling TetraPak containers.


Used Packer Machine

A Used Packer Machine takes bottles or flasks from the line and places them into the American-style cartons.


Used Partition Inserter

A Used Partiton Inserter, inserts partitions to keep bottles separated into the American-style cartons.


Used Bottle Washer

With a Used Bottle Washer, bottles and flasks are soaked in a liquid removing glue and old labels.


Used Washer-dryer

A Used Wahser-Dryer washes bottles externally after they were stocked or their content was aged.


Used Bottling Line

A Used Bottling Line includes the whole range of machines needed to bottle a product.


Used Handler


A Used Handler places tape handles on bundles.


Used Box-Closing Monoblock

A Used Box-Closing Monoblock is a plant consisting of all machineries for box-closing.


Used Filling Monobolck

A Used Filling Monoblock is a plant consisting of a rinser, a filler and a capper.


Used Caps Orientator

A Used Caps Orientator turns caps in the right direction before they are placed onto the bottles.


Used Pallet Wrapper

A Used Pallet Wrapper used to cover finished pallets with a nylon film.


Used Filling Machine

A Used Filling Machine is a bottling machine used to fill bottles and flasks, depending on the content.



Used Saturator

A Used Premix-Saturator consist in a set of machines producing sparkling drinks.


Used Rinser

A Used Rinser washes the inside of the bottles.


Used Silos

A Used Silos is a tank used to store the products before they are bottled.


Used Wine Microfiltration System

A Used Wine Microfiltration System filters small amounts of wine before bottling.


Used Blowing Machine

A Used Blowing Machine creates plastic bottles starting from preforms.


Used Corker

A Used Corker is a machine that caps bottles after they are filled.


Used Pasteurizer

A Used Pasteurizer heats up the product in order to reduce the bacterial load but maintaining, at the same time, the product’s nutritional properties.


Used Heating Tunnel

A Used Heating Tunnel machine heating bottles before labelling


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