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Elitekno Bottling Solutions works from several years in used bottling sector. His expert staff takes care of every part of the process, starting from the search for the machinery, to the restoration and then sale.

The market of used bottling machine, allows small and medium-sized companies to expand their bottling line in an economic and fast way, so as to implement new machinery and be able to manage new orders of production size. Large companies, on the other hand, can add entire lines without investing excessive capital.
Our machines are all certified and tested, to allow the customer to have the maximum service.

The machines we trade range from used enological equipment, to bottling machines for water and drinks, to lines for bottling oil and more. If you do not find in our catalog what you are looking for, just ask the machinery you need and we will do a search to find the most suitable solution.

Used Labeller

Used Labeller is a machine that automatically applies the labels on bottles or bottles.


Used Capsuling Machine

A Used Capsuling Machine is a machine that applies capsules on bottles and flacons


Useed Box-Closing Machine

Used Box-closing Machine is a machine that puts bottles or flacons in American-style cardboard and closes it


Used Depalettizer

The Used Depalettizer is the machinery that takes off the bottles from the pallet and place them on the bottling line.


Used Shrink Wrapper

A Used Shrink Wrapper is a machine that packs the bottles with a nylon film.


Used Carton-Forming Machine

Used Carton Forming Machine is the machine used to create the American-type boxes


Used Wirehooder

Used Wirehooder is a type of machine that is in charge of laying and the ligature of the cages for sparkling wines


Used Tetrapak System

Used Tetrapak System is a plant that creates and refills the TetraPak containers.


Used Packer Machine

A Used Packer Machine is used to put the bottles or flacons and put them inside the pack.


Used Partition Inserter

A Used Partition Inserter is used to separate bottles in cartons, for glass bottles.


Used Bottle Washer

Used Bottle Washer  is the machine that washes bottles to recover them.


Used Washer-dryer

A Used Washer-dryer is a machine in a bottling line that is used to wash the bottles externally


Used Bottling Line

Used Bottling Line is the complete set of bottling machines needed to bottle a product.


Used Handler

Used Handler is that machine in a bottling line that puts a ribbon handle on the bundles,


Used monoblock box-closing

A Used Monoblock box-closing is the complete machinery that package the bottles.


Used Filling Monobolck

A Used Filling Monoblock is a block mainly composed of rinser, filler and capper.


Used Caps Orientator

A Used Caps Orientator is the machine that orients the caps, before the capper.


Used Paletizer

Used Paletizer is the machinery in a bottling line used to create pallets of boxes or bundles.


Used Filling Machine

Used Filling Machine is the bottling machine used to fill bottles or flacons in a bottling line.



Used Saturator

A Used Saturator is a set of machinery that serves a production carbonated drinks.


Used Rinser

Used Rinser is a machine that takes care of internally washing the bottles, before being filled


Used Silos

A Used Siols is used to store a iquid product.


Used Wine Microfiltration System

Used Wine Microfiltration System is used to filter the wine in small quantities, before being bottled.


Used Blowing Machine

Used Blowing Machine is the machinery used to create plastic bottles, through a preform.


Used Capper

A Used Capper is the machine that puts the caps on the bottle, to enclose it and keep the content safe.


Used Heating Tunnel

A Used Heating Tunnel heats de bottles before labelling.


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